Commercial Finance

Entrepreneurs need many things to be successful - tenacity and dedication, a willingness to try to take chances. But they also need finance.

Commercial Lending

Capital helps companies move to the next level and can often be the difference between success and failure. It’s not surprising then, that commercial finance is so vitally important for businesses of all sizes.

Commercial finance is used to purchase, build or develop any property which is used for specific trading purposes or professional enterprises. It can be used to secure finance against a wide range of business-related properties, from retail units (such as high street shops and shopping centres, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and showrooms) and office spaces to car parks, factories and leisure facilities and is used by anybody from developers and limited companies to sole traders and investment companies with rental portfolios.

We Specialise In:

  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Bridging Finance
  • Development Finance
  • Specialist Finance
  • Invoice Finance

Types of commercial finance:

There are a considerable number of finance options on the market, each of which are specifically tailored to meet the needs, requirements and trading circumstances of a wide range of businesses and projects. At Finance 4 Business, our holistic approach to meeting client’s needs allows us to offer a blended solution, encompassing many different types.

  • Commercial Mortgages & Development Finance - which can be used to purchase land, fund building costs or renovate existing properties.
  • Portfolio Finance - which is used by property investors with a number of rental properties
  • Business Loans - of varying sizes
  • Acquisition Finance - which is used to purchase other businesses
  • Asset Finance - which can be used to purchase or hire equipment
  • Invoice Finance and Factoring - which lends against unpaid invoices

When would I need it?

If you’re a commercial landlord and you’re keen to increase your portfolio or review your existing borrowing facilities or you’d like to purchase or refinance your own trading premises, commercial finance solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Is commercial more expensive than mainstream loans?

The answer to this will differ from loan to loan and lender to lender, of course (as well as the borrowing circumstances). However, in the vast majority of cases, dedicated commercial lenders will offer much more flexible deals than their high street counterparts, with a wider experience of specialist lending scenarios, greater flexibility and typically longer payment plans merely adding to their appeal.

Where can I access commercial finance?

At Finance 4 Business, we recognise that broking is the new banking. We specialise in commercial mortgages and commercial finance and can help develop a tailor-made solution, bespoke to your business needs, to help your company to soar. We’ve built strong relationships with lenders across the market from high street lenders to challenger banks to ensure we can get you the very best deal and make your dream of owning commercial property a reality.

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